Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Beauty - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Black Beauty is about his early life. The second puzzle here is a word search puzzle. There are 15 words related to chapter 1 of the novel hidden in the box below. The clues given below will help you find the correct words.

Black Beauty Puzzle No 2 - Chapter 1 Word Search

1. The place where the author of Black Beauty was born in 1820
2. A headgear strapped around a horse’s head
3. Black Beauty’s first owner
4. A vehicle that has two or four wheels pulled by a horse
5. A field covered with grass
6. A device placed in a horse’s mouth
7. A young male horse
8. To whom Farmer Grey sold Black Beauty to
9. Black Beauty’s mother’s name
10. A small area of still water
11. A piece of curved iron attached to the bottom of the horse’s foot
12. A leather seat for a rider on a horse
13. The age when Black Beauty was broken in
14. It’s horrible rumbling sound terrified Black Beauty at first
15. Leather flaps attached to the bridle

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